The adventure begins in 2002 with Blue sea divers, a dive center whose reputation is now well established. This center is the result of passion for diving, mixed with a strong desire on the part of its owner, to make the public discover the diversity of the local fauna.

In 2010, the adventure continues with the acquisition of Galatea, Turkish Gulet in steel, which will then allow the alliance diving & discovery of the islands. After a long renovation of more than two years in Turkey, the Galatea joined the Seychelles territory in 2013 to start his first cruises on this archipelago.

Today, the Schooner a crew of 8 members, enough for its 14 passengers, both divers and non-divers. The success of this luxury schooner has allowed us to develop our programs to discover other horizons such as the remote islands of the Seychelles archipelago and Madagascar.

Aboard the Galatea, beginner divers, confirmed divers and non-divers who are eager for discovery or in search of escape, can choose the program that suits them that will skillfully combine discovering the wildlife and the amazingly diversified RICO.

The Heart Behind Your Holiday

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Diving Cruises are conceived from a desire to share a passion for an exceptionally beautiful environment. The growing interest in ‘diving cruises’ in the Seychelles has led us to establish a very special itinerary for divers in the heart of the archipelago on board our new liveaboard MV Galatea. Every single detail has been designed for divers and their comfort on board. We provide a high quality service ranging from welcome upon arrival, assistance during diving trips and an attentive and professional Crew.

Our Story

Established in the Seychelles since 2002, transferring from Europe and chasing the dream. The love for our diving job and the caring energy that we have employed over the past years with our Blue Sea Divers diving center, gave us the opportunity to embark on our DIVING CRUISES SEYCHELLES’ adventure in 2010 with the purchase of a Turkish steel schooner on which we have devoted all our experience to make it exceptionally pleasant and functional for divers. Our boat Galatea has become a reality since the summer of 2013 when she finally reached the archipelago after a long and complete renovation.

Quality, Safety And Conviviality

These are the ingredients that make the success of our Diving Cruises. Discover the pleasures of Scuba Diving in the Indian Ocean on board Galatea !

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