Diving Safari

Seychelles Outer Islands

A Gullet adapted for divers and their comfort onboard. 


The love for our diving job and the caring energy that we have employed over the past years with our Blue Sea Divers diving centre, gave us the opportunity to created special diving itineraries with a selection of the most beautiful dive sites you can find in Seychelles. 

M/s Galatea is full equipped for diving Safaris. Every single detail has been designed for divers’ comfort onboard. Equipped with a spacious dive deck & 2 completely renovated diving boat in order to improve your access in and out of the water. 


Choose your destination and all Galatea team do the best. 


1- Inner Islands : Granitic islands & huge amount of fishes.  

Discover our natural marine reserves, huge boulders & granitic walls, unique in Seychelles

Adapted for all divers Category. 

2- Amirantes : Unique coral reefs & untouched marine life

Enjoy drop off dives & discover the wonderful coral reef platforms rich in various marine life.  

Adapted for divers min Level 3 or equivalent (+80 dives) 

3- Aldabra : magnificent atolls & lagoon full of sharks

Discover UNESCO world heritage where only a handle of people go. You’ll have the opportunity to observe whales, dolphins & many white & black tips sharks

Adapted for divers min level 3 or equivalent (+ 80 dives ) 


Contact us for more informations. 

Huge Amount of Fishes
Granitic islands
Unique Coral Reefs
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