Big game fishing

Big game fishing

Big game fishing in Seychelles 

This practice, now popular in Seychelles, led us open our big game fishing program. This activity was born from an ideal maritime environment, offering ideal fishing conditions in Seychelles Archipelago. 

Onboard Galatea 

Galatea is full-equipped for fishing and our qualified and professional crew will help you to enjoy this experience. 

Please find Below our possibilities : 

Inner Islands : 

  • Shallow plateau : 40 meters 
  • granitic reef 
  • you’ll fish tuna, bonitos, dorados, wahoo… 

Best season : July to October 

Outer Islands: 

  • deep & open seas 
  • corallien reefs
  • you’ll find swordfish Marlin, carangues, Sail fishes 

Best Season : May to July 


We provide : 

  • Fishing rod & reels
  • Rod holders 
  • Large capacity fish tray 
Inner Islands IMG
Corallien Reefs
Onboard Galatea
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