The Galatea offers the possibility to do many activities such as diving, fishing or other water activity in the heart and transparent turquoise waters of the ocean idian



The inland islands of Seychelles have the advantage of being on a granite and coral plateau, it offers an incredibly diverse Marine life (more than 900 fish species have been recorded there). With hundreds of dive sites, an extraordinary fauna and flora, the Seychelles granitic island lead you to the discovery of unique underwater world. The diving sites of these islands go to a maximum depth of 40 meters, there is no current, allowing beginners to experience divers beginners to have funs. The passionate of underwater photography will be enchanted.


The Seychelles outer island like the Amirantes or Aldabra, are front far the most preserved island of Seychelles and in the world. These untouched of paradise are a “must” for qualified divers. Indeed, droopy and drifting dives dramatically increase the chances of encountering sharks, whale sharks, manta rays and other clearly superior size fish species to that of inland islands.


Madagascar is located south of the Seychelles & west of Maurice & La Réunion. This island / country is home to many endemic species. It is around Nosy Be, that you will discover the most beautiful dive sites, you will meet many species of pelagic sharks. Stingrays and manta rays are common.

Informations for certified divers

  • Certifications
    Explorer itinerary:A min AOWD is required to book a dive package.
    Outer islands : Min AOWD (or equivalent- Min 50 dives) required
  • Do not forget to bring
    Your certification card Your Log-Book A medical certificate of less than one year allowing the practice of diving A certificate of diving Insurance (such as DAN) in course of validity
  • Suggested equipment
    A dive computer
    A dive lamp
    A decompression buoy
    A surface emergency visual or audible signaling device
  • We provide
    12L aluminium tanks; weights and belts. Lights (included on night dive supplement)
    Tanks : DIN. (ETRIER adapters available. )
  • To rent
    BCD ; 3mm wet suit (long or shorty); Regulators; Fins, Masks
  • Not available
    Dive computer; 15L steel tanks ; Nitrox;
  • Non Divers
    Non Divers are always welcome onboard, our inner island itinerary is adapted as well for divers and non divers.



The Seychelles is a paradise for fishermen. Fishing competitions are regularly held there (including the famous fishing tournaments organized by the tourism office of the Seychelles and IGFA held annually to Mahe in March.


Seychelles Outer Islands allow fishing. This is also in these deep waters that were listed world records. The Amirante group allow fishing for bonito, kingfish, Bourgois, even swordfish sailfish, marlin or blue grouper.


As Seychelles, Madagascar is one of the best destination for fishing. This now well known activity arouses curiosity of many travelers. It’s off the coast of Madagascar as Yellow Tuna, Barracuda, Wahoo, bonito, bream or Black Marlin fishing. An activity that quickly becomes a passion!


A cruise aboard Galatea, is diving, fishing, the comfort of a luxury yacht and the freedom to leave enchanted by the beauty of the idyllic landscapes of the Indian Ocean. Take a moment to admire the crystal clear water and escape you through exotic and relaxing activities …





Our comprehensive and diverse programs offer the opportunity to discover the lush vegetation of the Seychelles and the Malagasy islands. Take a moment to admire the beauty of the Indian Ocean!